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A table with a view. .. to the coastline of Montevideo

Montevideo is a quiet city by the sea where it is possible to have a table with front row view on the coastline. Join me visiting Heming Way, a restaurant in the posh residential neighbourhood of Punta Gorda.

It is not that often you get to live in a sea side resort within a city. This might be the case in Southern California and it is also the case in Montevideo. Of all coastal residential neighbourhoods, Punta Gorda (Gross Point in English) has the open sea views and tranquility of small seaside resort, yet stands within 15 minutes drive from downtown.

Heming Way is at the tip of a nice small bay that makes it one of the most panoramic views of a city already blessed with plenty of panoramic views. In nearby Virgilio Square you can enjoy one of the most beautiful open air monuments in town standing for all those Lost at the Sea.

Now, back to foodie time.

There is a beautiful terrace overlooking the bay which is wonderful for events, music and wedding parties but mostly in summer or early fall. Nowadays it's winter, windy and misty so it stands silent and calm.

Terrace overlooking the city

The decor of the restaurant is contemporary with a wink to minimalism, though the terrace has a slightly more informal look with wooden deck and tables.

This is the view from the most coveted tables at the front terrace.

Now down to the food: the restaurant's menu is not long or complicated, rather few choices for entrees, salads and main course, but catering most international tastes. I would say this is an international cuisine, not modern but sort of quite classic.

We asked for pumpkin ravioli and Cesar's salad which are photog below.

Pumpkin ravioli

Caesar's salad
The atmosphere in the restaurant was quiet but in general is quite romantic, specially in the evenings, overlooking city lights. The food is as good as is depicted above, well served but not innovative in any way. Good news is you are in no way pushed to leave soon, so you can take your time, enjoy your bottle of wine and the scenery which is a major part of the whole experience.

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Heming Way
Rambla República de México 5535
Pza Virgilio Punta Gorda
Tel: (598)2600 01 21 

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