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Step by step Chef Gordon Ramsay's vietnamese shrimp rolls with fresh vegetables

You may all know well by now Chef Gordon Ramsay, right? This famous media Chef hosts TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen where he shows his stark leadership, loud motivational skills and brutal sincerity. He's also an accomplished Michelin starred restaurateur... it seems there's nothing he cannot achieve...

On top of all that, he also teaches his cooking skills, tips and coveted recipes to the unchosen lot. Have you seen him? GR's style wastes no time giving directions and progressing with manipulations. Either you are very experienced or... you can calmly read this blog where this exotic recipe is reproduced step by step. 

So take your time and... happy cooking time!!

Hello Gordon!!


Lately I've been posting famous chef's recipes for all amateur cooks like me to try on spare time on weekends.

This recipe started by impulse - buying a pack of rice paper sheets... I was curious as to how to use them as oriental culture is so different from my own. So after I arrived home, read the instructions and started recipe surfing on the internet.

About recipe surfing: mi advice is to be very skeptical of beautiful faces showing how to home cook. There' so many wrong procedures and doubtful good taste or skills going on... It's easy to waste your hard earned money in expensive ingredients, only to be ruined by incorrect manipulation. Please, follow only well known, serious Chefs to get results worthy of your time and effort.

For that matter I always include the link to the original version of the recipe, so you can check it out for yourselves.

So back to recipe surfing, after reviewing lots of vietnamese rolls video recipes, which I did not quite like, I ended up watching GR's recipe to entertain his upscale - close -to - Royalty guests (I assume) who theoretically want to try exotic fresh finger food.

The Recipe

Vietnamese Style Fresh Prawn rolls

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course 01E19 (link here)


Rice paper wraps
100 g rice noodles
200 g de shrimp boiled or sauteed (in this recipe I used avocado instead)
1 romanian lettuce
green onion shredded
1 carrot
1 lime
Rice noodles package
A close up

Rice paper close up
These vietnamese rolls are served with a dip, therefore do blend the following ingredient list in a bowl

One spoonful sugar / raw sugar
Rice vinegar to dissolve sugar
Anchovie sauce (nam pah)
Fresh hot chile
2 garlic cloves
2 fresh tomatos diced
green onion, sliced
Fresh coriander and mint
Olive oil

How to make it

From left to right, Dip, Filling, Warm water, Rice Paper, Wooden table
1) In a bowl place the rice noodles and add boiling water to cover them, leave it for a while

2) Now get the dip ready

My version of the dip, sweet and sour, full of flavors
3) Strain the rice noodles and rinse abundantly under the cold water tap. Place them on the cutting board and make 4 or 5 cuts so they can be handled to fill in the rolls.

4) Cut the shrimp in smaller pieces. In this version of the original recipe I used avocado instead, the recipe turns vegan and its sooo tasty.

5) In a medium size bowl, combine the rice noodles, shrimp (avocado) and the rest of the ingredients that will add a crunching feeling the the rolls.

6) Shred a romanian lettuce

7) Cut the green onion in small slices

8) Grate the carrot

9) Chop coarsely the bouquet garnie, make it abundant so it transfers the freshness to the roll

10) Squeeze a lime, not too much on the roll's filling because it will become too moist. The rest of the juice you can add to the dip and in turn drip some dip into the roll's filling

Now, we are getting closer to the end, don't lose focus or else... Chef Ramsay will motivate you by yelling at you from the back...

In (yet another) bowl with some warm water, soak a rice paper sheet for 30 seconds, until it is not rigid anymore, like a piece of cloth. Lift it from the water, let it drip on it and place it on the wood board like you see in the picture. Then proceed to put the filling.

Put the filling on the soaked rice paper
Close it like a little package rolling and binding at both sides.

Very easy to roll and close
And there it is, my first ever vietnamese roll!!

Pile them in a plate and they are ready to be taken to the table.

Actually they are so fresh and colourful that your guests are really going to emtpy the plate sonner than you say "Royal".

The plate

It's fun, it's fresh... will you try them? Leave a comment below if you like.

Enjoyed this recipe and like to keep on reading??

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