domingo, 8 de marzo de 2015

Opening up a Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend tea box: step by step

One of my most cherished tea collection items is this box from famous-around-the-world Tea Traders Fortnum & Mason, suppliers of the Royal House of England. I want to share with you the opening up of this box of Royal Blend tea bags. I have looked up for this in the internet, but so far, have not found it. Fortnum & Mason's website does provide a video with the advice on how to make tea with this blend, but it is very tea - brewing oriented and does not have nice close-ups, the way I (nd you, for sure) like to watch it.

I won't elaborate on Fortnum & Mason, their history, their shops, their products, because you can easily read that for yourself on their website. I will focus on the fact that they sell excellent tea and that they claim to be suppliers of the Royal House. So when I drink this blend, yes, I can picture the Queen doing the same... do you? 

Not at all?


Ok, I will mostly skip the words and let you enjoy the experience with me.

The tea box

Before withdrawing the cellophane paper
I know that tea gourmets hate tea bags, they say that they contain the very worst leafs not suitable to be sold as such... bla, bla...
Anyhow, the great majority of tea is sold in bags around the world. After all, most of us do not enjoy the wealth and service of the Queen and therefore must be practical as to brewing and cleaning up...

; )

I love the complex yet very stylish design printed on the box, yes, very elegant and classic. The color is a bit like "Tiffany" but more blue than green... 

Lovely my Dear...
A view from the other side
It may not be "very English" but I think my Cezanne inspired tea cup and saucer fit well with the trademark color of Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend tea.
Get that feeling of The Real Opening of the Box

Opening the lid
There is a message for all F&M buyers when you turn up the lid of the box.

Say Hello to the actual tea bag!!

Just look how delicate ornaments are printed on the tea bag´s envelope, it has a soft sheer as a prelude to the wonderful tea we are about to enjoy soon!!


Now I will open un the envelope for you to enjoy also the bag itself, which you can see it is very well crafted as the rest.

The actual tea bag
And last but not least... 

The Royal Blend Family Photo

All smiles...

So as to not make this long post longer, I will brew this tea for you and for me in a separate post soon.

The detailed information about the blend is here.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and if you wish leave a comment below, bye.

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